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Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Emancipation Of Nettie.


This is dedicated to the one I loved:
where do i start?
how bout not, let's just finish;
right where we left off.
No more lies. No more untrust. No more drama.
I'm done.
with you, this and us.
will i cry over a man like you.
will i believe something that I know isn't true.
will i act like i don't love you.
it's for the best.
you, me and she (or them) doesn't work.
I can pretend, but this shit hurts.
Like a bitch.
sex, lies and ganja.
The cause and cure. Gift and the Curse.
can we overcome?
don't push it.
the time has come; we've ran our course.
it was fun. I learned alot. lived a little, I guess.
Someone else?
I don't hate you, let's face it; i can't.
I hate how you've made me feel.
I hate the fact that i didn't get to tell you this face to face.
Your a great guy.
Funny, educated, Motivated..
i could go on & on but a blog can only be so long.
we aren't for each other.
I need more.
I deserve more.
more than you know.
I'm glad i met you.
I'm sorry that it had to come to this.
not as sorry as you'll be

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