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Sunday, August 16, 2009

This Love <3

This is more than a silly love poem its the way i really feel.
like, a brief synopsis of passion; emotions revealed.
I don't need a response, just want you to overstand the reason
i'll always love you.

Love is something serious.
it has no due date or warning of expiration.
Love doesnt wait for financial stability or job assurance.
Love is more than just a mere emotion,
it's not a feeling that you can just take or leave.
Love or the lack thereof can and will hurt.
Real Love isn't partial.
it doesnt have a weight criteria.
Real love doesn't do criminal or credit checks.
it doesnt know age, creed or color.
Love feels good, Damn Good.
Nothing can compare,
Love is not to be confused with lust or false pretense.
it's presence is felt and not heard;
Silent but deadly.
Real love can't be bought or borrowed.
it cant be found on bodega shelves or clothing racks.
you wont find it at the pound or your local grocer.
Love will teach you new things;
Trust, Loyalty but mostly compromise.
Real love keeps you beautiful,
There will be a new found glow in your skin, happiness.
more smiles, less tears.
Love is effortless,
there's no tutor or instructional video.
Real love is Sexy.
it can't be found in $100 sessions or beyond a strippers pole.
love isn't platinum, diamonds or gold.
Love is Pain, wisdom and Fight.

This love is serious.
It feels Like My days are numbered,
or without you there's something I missed.
This love is Grounded,
Not to be swayed or budged.
This love is real,
There is no Compare; Just Bliss.
Effortless, Unadulterated Love.
This Love is Forever.
This love will never be judgemental.
It will never boast or brag.
This Love is not self-concious,
It doesn't lack a method or reason.
This Love, loves you;
Everyday and any season.

Loving you is like PAIN without the bruising.
Wisdom with feeling.
Fighting for that reason.