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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Allow me to re-introduce Myself.

Approaching the end of 2008, it's been a long time coming; I been through madd shit. Lost madd friends. met new ones; let them close enough to stabb me in my back.. the nerve of these coward bitches OMG! Bitches ain't shit. It's always the ones that you let up in your circle that violate; Just for the Record, you can love me or hate me.. i swear it wont make me or break me. Believe it or not, those same People who put me through drama/stress/turmoil throughout 08' made me exactly who i am. time for me to justify my Thug!

First, to my Real Goons. you know who you are. ya'll bitches are the ones that kept me sane.helped me decipher the real from fake, the friends from the foes. When it felt like shit couldn't get any better it was you guys who shook me out of it. Late Nights that led to early Mornings, Smoke sessions, Hotel link-ups the whole shaBANG i don't know where i would be without you. The Friends that were there for the best and the worst and The Hurdles in between.


Jackie- STUPPiD BiRCh. let me start out by saying I love you nigga. we been through it all and we still at it, the realest nigga in the room. My goon kept it real when i wasn't trying to here that real shit, gave me a source of solace when the world seemed too crowded. Stood up for me when i was too weak to stand up for myself. Followed me on my Blank missions, piss-up babymommas, jealous hoes and posers. never, not one time have you said " I told you so.." we cursed each other out madd times, fought everything..I guess i got my swagga Back. My Bestie, my Compadre, The Laverne to my Shirley, my Ace. M.O.N.. Nigga what? Common, Hypa snypa, Planters Nut, Delmonte[insida] CHHHAAAT! the whole nine. Young& insane, that's us. Ganja babies. party princesses. Fuck ride or die we'd rather smoke and Fly..Nothing but death can keep me from her. My Bitch til' the casket drop.. Who Hotta?


Lori- Yo mi puppa. where do i start? hmm lets see, freshman year in Medical Skills, 4th hour. from day one i knew we'd be inseperable. Bad nuh bloodcleet, Skull school, Smoke weed and ting. Those were the days when we had not a care in the world. Man ah di least, or so you taught me. Graduation. Real life. boy were we unprepared. This shit was harder than we thought eeeh? Good friends better than pocket money, especially when she know the weed man dem! LOL! We Laughed,Cried, partied and Bullshit.. Nights pon gully Side. Tower power too.. We GLOBAL! Royal oaks, hamlet we boss Bitches. You taught me to be strong when it came to matters of the heart. you say, 'So wait, you waan married now eeh?' and just like that i got my game face on. Twis-Up baby mama drama, ain't shit. The only Bitch i know that'll kick a nigga outta her bed for me. THE TRILLEST. I love you like cooked food.


Candice- Mi step inna di club ah dance rubb-a-dubb. You took me to my first party.. bought me my first drink.. you've always been like a big sister to me. Picture Tek. Poolside. setting sail at banana boat. Anytime me, you, kat and rodline step inna di building the place madd! when some waste bwoy did ah gwan di most way and you ah tell me from 04' fi loe di careless bwoy and it's like mi nah hear..you see if dem nah hear, well ah bullet fi dem..damn we were Flossy as Fuck. North Lauderdale Nights that led to mornings. you ah di real Boss! I been gone for a minute now i'm back with the jump-off goons in the club incase something jumps-off. I love you candy red.

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Tazmanian Devil, piss-up dogg shit. you know who you are. you upside-down bitch. Time's up. Cry a river, build a bridge and get the fuck over it. it's not my fault your bitter. this will be the last time i make any reference to you and your existance. you make me sick. it's because of bitches like you that females like me have to suffer. you had a good MAN you fucked up and now he's moved on.. i'm not your issue; you are. put on your big girl panties and realize that. you can spend the rest of your life trying to fight it.. but it's inevitable.. i'm the shit. take a whiff. I'm not saying im better than you, honestly i don't have to.. the proof is in the pudding babes. By the way; stop lying to him about me. you dont' know me. me nd you don't talk.. none of you twist-up fren dem don't know me neither so come offa mi bumboclaat name str8! member, No gyal Cyan DHL or Uhaul Me..You'e not a goon nor a goblin, more like a grass-cutting fairy. [Mani ownz].

*Bring on the future Cause i'm done with the past. 2009 and beyond.

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